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Soggy Bog 153 Black Finger Special!
December 16, 2013 08:23 AM PST
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Thanks to Mercyful Mike I get to play the brand new Blackfinger song "Yellowood"!

Mansion-Mothers Burden
Spectral Haze-Tribe of the Cosmic Crow Giant
Mammoth Salmon-In Constant Shadows
Hela-Slaves of the Witch
Sinister Haze-Betrayed by Time

Servants of the Mist
Behind the Curtain
Suicide Sex Pact

In the Company of Serpents-Of the Flock
Cold Troll-Dragons Point of View
Druid Lord-Baron Blood

Violet Circle
Paul Chain/Wino-Nyabinghu Moon
Violet Magick-XIII
Violet Magick-Highway to Hell (Paul Chain Cover)
Violet Temple-Freezing Spine Horror
Violet Temple-Violet Temple
John Gallow-Violet Dreams
Abysmal Grief-Sinister Gleam

Black Vulpine
Ava Kadavra
Drowning in Lakes

Thorr-Axe- Four Hooves
Hash Slag-My Crypt
Moon Coven-Ruler of Dust

Christmas block
The Sharon Tate Experience-Christmas Killer
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell-Blow up your Xmas tree

Soggy Bog 152 Stone Dagger, Gatekeeper, Elliot's Keep, Swords and Chains Label Spotlight
December 11, 2013 08:02 AM PST

Sharpen your Steel Brethren! Lots of traditional Doom/metal on this weeks show! Special thanks to Stone Dagger, Gatekeeper, Elliots Keep and Swords and Chains records!

Twisted Tower Dire-Guardian Bloodline
Stone Dagger-Black Clad Rider
Stone Dagger-The Siege of Jerusalem
Magic Circle-Rapture
Battle Ruins-Slaughtering the Wolves like Sheep
Battle Ruins-Streets Run Red
Battle Ruins-Cold Iron Death
Elliott's Keep-Feanors Bane
Fates Warning-Fata Morgana
Omen-Battle Cry
Manilla Road-Mystification
Legend-The Wizards Vengeance
Cirith Ungol-Cirith Ungol

Gatekeeper-Prophecy and Judgement
Tale of Twins
North Wolves
Swan Road Saga
Prophecy and Judgement

Pharaoh-Never, Not Again
Iron Dogs-Kingdom of Steel
Morbid Sin-By Reason of Insanity
Aktor-Buried by the Sea
Dawnbringer-Old Wizard
Realmbuilder-Ninety Nine Raids
Crescent Shield-Rise of the Red Crescent Moon
Liege Lord-Eye of the Storm
Savage Grace-Sins of the Damned

Swords and Chains Records Spotlight
Ancient Dreams-Andrea's Doom
Visigoth-Final Spell
Eternal Champion-War at the End of the World
Storm Warning-Leaving the Circle
Lightning Lord-Hella's Waiting Arms

Atlantean Kodex-White Goddess Unveiled (Crown of the Sephiroth)

Soggy Bog 151 Entire Wounded Giant album, NEW Kimi Karki, Gnaw Their Tongues/Alkerdeel collaboration, Pylar, Second Grave and More!
November 27, 2013 08:32 AM PST

Im so lucky i get to communicate with some awesome people due to my podcast. Without their assistance this show would be half as good as it is. Thanks to everyone for killer contributions! Especially WOunded Giant,Kimi Karki, Knockturne, Mist, Bast, Consouling Sounds, AVOGBTF, Second Grave!

Black Majik Acid-Creatura
Medusa-Black Wizard
Kimi Karki-The Lord Who Never Sleeps
Gwydion Pendderwen-Witches Coven Dance
Black Magician-Grene Knyght
Mist-The Living Dead
Year of the Goat-Ill Die for you

Wounded Giant-Lightning Medicine
King Rawhead
The Road to Middian
Rats in the Walls
Rabid Starlight
Lightning Medicine

Barbarian Fist-The Whorelord Cometh
In the Company of Serpents-Craven
Gnaw Their Tongues/Alkerdeel-Dyodyo Asema
Lumbar-Day Two
Swamp Witch-Emerald Serpent
A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm-As Million Rats
Pylar-Alzaos, oh puertas eternas!
Cult of Fire-२. अस्तित्व की चिता पर
Second Grave-Mourning Light
Seremonia-Hallava Hevonen

The Soggy Bog 150 A Return through the Stygian Passage
November 19, 2013 08:20 AM PST

This week im rekindling fond memories of a previous podcast i started called Stygian Passage. It was a Funeral doom/neofolk/blackend show featuring some very dark and bleak bands and songs. I hope you guys dont mind my return through the Stygian Passage.

Damaar-ÝÓÞ (show intro)
Damaar-Preaching for Mass Suicide
Ghast-Crawl, Blighted and Afraid
ZOM-Power of Sin
Manifesting-The Call of Miscreation
Faustcoven-Lost in the Wolves Howl for Bloood
Anaal Nathrakh-Sanction Extermis (Kill them All)
Dead Rooster-Cosmic Seeds of Uncreation
Godflesh-Avalanche Master Song
Usnea-Emperical Evidence of a Deranged God
Proclamation-Hellbound Triumph
Meth Drinker-Narco Sub
Diocletian-Deathstrike Overkill
Antediluvian-Death Meta
Naga-The Path
Sick Rites-Moloch Ascending
Grime-Pouring out the Hatred
Gravecode Nebula-Abhorrent Absorbant
Wormphlegm-Tomb of the Ancient King
Archgoat-Sodomator of the Doomed Venus
Torture Wheel-Sarah in the Black Mirror
Teitenblood-Seven Chalices of Vomit and Blood
Corax-War Storm
Blasphemophager-Abyss of Lust, Chaos & Death
Primative Man-Antietam
Dragged into Sunlight-Lashed to the Grinder, Stoned to Death

Soggy Bog 149 Builder of Realms, Blood of Colts, Lurker of Crypts, Covens of Brimstone
November 13, 2013 07:59 AM PST

Thanks this week to Violet Magick, I Hate Records, In the Company of Serpents, The Order of the Solar Temple, Coltsblood/Crypt Lurker, Down Among the Dead Men, Brimstone Coven and March the Desert for contributing to the show this week! Thank you all!
This week im playing the ENTIRE new full length album by Realmbuilder entitles Blue Flame Calvary! Im also playing the NEW split cassette from Coltsblood and Crypt Lurker! Also a special block of Paul chain inspired bands, A block of new music by Brimstone Coven, new music by Aktor and In the Company of Serpents and lots more!

Iron Dogs-Adversity
Paul Chain-Living Today
Violet Magick-The Drop of Water
John Gallow-Dark Traveller
Abysmal Grief-Occultism (Paul Chain Cover)

Realmbuilder-Blue Flame Calvary
They Write their Names in Fire
Advance of the War Giants
Adrift Upon the Night Ocean
Blue Flame Calvary

Aktor-I Am the Psychic Wars
Aktor-Buried by the Sea
Selim Lemouchi and is Enemies-Next Stop Universe B
The Order of the Solar Temple-Nightmare (Arthur Brown Cover)
The Order of the Solar Temple-Fallout Woman
In The Company of Serpents-Untied/Culling te Essence from the Void
Oxtongue-Cessation:The Shade Rapes Nativity
Down Among the Dead Men-The Stones Lament
Bones-Cold Knife
Coltsblood-Procreation (Celtic Frost cover)
Crypt Lurker-Black Pestilence
Crypt Lurker-Gate of Nanna (Beherit cover)
The Swill-Deeper Dungeons
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats-Evil Love
Brimstone Coven-The Black Door
Brimstone Coven-Lord and Master
Brimstone Coven-The Folly of Faust
March the Desert-Tabula Rasa
All Them Witches-When God Comes Back

Soggy Bog 80s Thrash Metal Assault
November 04, 2013 12:35 PM PST

A deviation from the usual format. This week im playing the first heavy music I got into. I went from listening to Triumph and Rainbow (Still love those bands) to Venom. The Welcome to Hell album cover drew me in, and I fell in love with it. Im not playing the most obscure thrash bands, but the shit i dig and enjoy the hell out of. Hope you enjoy it too.

I know theres a lot of bands not on the show. Some that might have been expected and some requested. It is only three hours long.

Dark Angel-The Burning of Sodom
Hades-On to Illiad
Cyclone-Long to Hell
Iron Angel-Rush of Power
Vendetta-And the Brave Man Fails
Overkill-Blood and Iron
Wargasm-Bullets and Blades
Morbid Saint-Damien
Athiest-I, Deny
Voivod-Order of the Black Guards
Blind Illusion-Vengence is Mine
Onslaught-Damnationtongueower from Hell
Celtic Frost-Visual Aggression
Sodom-Deathlike Silence
Pestilence-Echoes of Death
Agent Steel-Unstoppable Force
Nasty Savage-Fear Beyond the Vision
Sentinel Beast-Evil is the Night
Forbidden-Follow Me
Holy Terror-Black Plague
Angel Dust-Fighters Return
Deathrow-The Deathwish
Sabbat-I for an Eye
Whiplash-Power Thrashing Death
Hydra Vein-Rather Death than False of Faith
Rage-Dont you Fear the Winter
Helloween-Ride the Sky
Hallows Eve-Hallows Eve (including Routine)
Artillery-Terror Squad
Kreator-Riot of Violence
Nuclear Assaut-Betrayal
Deathwish-In the Name of God
Infernal Majesty-None Shall Defy
Running Wild-Prisoners of our Time

Soggy Bog Horrorshow Featuring a world premier of TWO NEW tracks by CARDINAL WYRM!
October 30, 2013 07:09 AM PDT

Two bonuses on the show this week

1)I have the honor to premier two new tunes by CARDINAL WYRM (! One track is the last tune ever recorded with their previous bass player and the other is a new tune (Rudimentary Peni cover!) featuring their brandy new bassist Rachel. Right now, The Soggy Bog is the only place to check out these bad ass tracks

2)This week im doing the show differently. I only talk once during the entire three hours (thats the second bonus, you dont have to hear me speak). The rest of the show is split up between killer tunes and audio selections from some horror flicks. Hope it works!

*Satans Slave
Hallows Eve-Horrorshow
Cardinal Wyrm-The Persecuted Crone
Cardinal Wyrm-Enlightened Dreamer
Church of Misery-All Hallows Eve
*Children SHouldnt play with Dead things
Pungent Stench-Embalmed in Sulfuric Acid
Autopsy-Arch Cadaver
Ancient Crypts-Procession to Narlyathotep
*The Shining
Moss-The Bleeding Years
Space God Ritual-Web of the Witch World
Albino Python-Through Dead Black Eyes
Abysmal Grief-Through the Eyes of the Owl
Albez Duz-Redeemer
Witching Altar-Tower of the Black Wizard
*Alice Sweet Alice
TOAD-Taste of the Grave
Crypt Lurker-Crossing the Abysmal Depths
*Rosemarys Baby
Mercyful Fate-Curse of the Pharoahs
Magister Templi-Leviathan
Cult of the Headless Witch-Ghost of the Headless Witch
*Blood on Satans Claw
Reverend Bizarre-Blood on Satans Claw
Demon Eye-Witchs Blood
Black Oath-Scent of a Burning Witch
*The Omen
Stomach Earth-The One they Fear
Putrid Yell-Wretching
Uncoffined-Blasphemous Excration of Holy Ground
*All the Colors of the Dark
Chains-All the Colors of the Dark
Iron Dogs-Cannibal Deathcult
OvO-I Cannibali
*The Wicker Man
Blood Ceremony-Lord Summerisle
Headless Monarch-Headless Monarch
The Devils Blood-The Anti-Kosmik Magick

Soggy Bog 146 7 Minutes in the Void. NEW Red Fang, Iron Man, Seidr, Blackout and more!
October 22, 2013 05:34 AM PDT

This week all songs are over 7 minutes long. Why did i select 7 minutes? Why not? I also explain why i missed doing the show last week. Heres a hint..I almost turned into Stretch Armstrong.

Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children ofthe Knight-New Beginnings
Iron Man-Half-Face/Thy Brother's Keeper (Dunwich, Pt. 2)
Red Fang-Dawn Rising
King Giant-Pisols & Penance
Pinkish Black-Bad Dreamer
Skepticism-The Gallant Crow
The Atlas Moth-Holes in the Desert
Bolzer-The Great Unifer
Cardinal Wyrm-The Circle
Seidr-Sweltering II-A Pale Blue Dot in the Vast Dark
Blood of the Black Owl-Sundrojan
Saturnalia Temple-Golachab
Black Pyramid-Aphelion
Jex Thoth-Ehja
Windhand-Feral Bones
Three Eyes Left-Celebrating the Flight of the Crow

Stream here

Download here (bolzer)

Soggy Bog 145 Artist Spotlight Roberts Karmazid Burke NEW UZALA and RAINBOWS ARE FREE!
October 09, 2013 08:11 AM PDT

THis week on the show im featuring some of the bands that enlisted the talents of the great artists Tony Roberts, Karmazid and Adam Burke. Wether its album covers, posters, banners, t shirts or stickers the art used to represent a band is very important. I should have done this sooner.

Tony Roberts
Conan-Battle in the Swamp
The Howling Wind-Beast of the Sea
Slomatics-Beyond Acid Canyon
Bismuth-The Eternal Marshes
Urfaust-Der Freillige Bettler
Rainbows are Free-SATROTMFAPBH

Krownn-For the Throne of Fire
Blood Ceremony-Ballad of the Weird Sisters
Magister Templi-VITRIOL
Cauchemar-Le Feu Du Soliel
Chains-Dancing with my Demons
Dark Buddha Rising-K
Purson-Well Oiled Machine

Adam Burke
Tentacle-Alone in my grave
Ice Dragon-Dreamliner
Uncle Acid-Poison Apple
Ancient Warlocks-The Super Wizard
Crag Dweller-Chrononaut
Dunbarrow-You Know I was a snake
Jess and the Ancient Ones-Astral Sabbat

Soggy Bog 144 Epic/Traditional Doom Special! Entire new WHEEL album, NEW Atlantean Kodex, Argus and more!
October 01, 2013 09:39 AM PDT

Atlantean Kodex-Trumpets Of Doggerland (There Were Giants In The Earth In Those Days)
Atlantean Kodex-Sol Invictus (With Faith And Fire)
Solitude Aeternus-It Came upon one night
Church of Void-The Magician
Nomad Sun-LightBearer
Weird Light-Obsidian Temple

Oblivion (There is no alternative)
They do for us
A Daughters Song
Misinterpretation of Kadar
Frozen Sun

Dark Covenant-Forever amongst the Ruins
Magic Circle-Conquering Nocturnity
The Albion Kodex-Man or Antlered Man
Argus-Casting out All Raging Spirits
Sorcerer-Far Beyond
Age of Taurus-Desperate Souls of Tortured Times
Pallbearer-Devoid of Redemption
Gatekeeper-Prophecy and Judgement
40 Watt Sun-This Alone
Icefall-Voice of Fetch-light
Stone Magnum-Lonely God

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